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Club Documents

The documents in this section are for club use only. The regulations established by the Legacy Golf & Tennis Club ensure organization, and outline a framework for the operation of internal management. They are put in place to enhance the experience of every member by providing a set of rules to create a safe, appropriate and enjoyable environment.

Code Of Conduct

A universal expectation of an environment free of:
  • Obscenities & loud boisterous behavior.
  • Disrespect to fellow members, guest & staff.

Club rules designed to augment the Legacy experience:
  • Guests MUST be registered by name in the Golf Shop prior to playing.
  • Golf carts operated by non-green flag golfers are to exit at the green fairway posts and proceed to the putting green via cart path only. Carts operated by green flag golfers may continue to NO CLOSER than 15 feet of the green, exiting at 90 degrees to the cart path.
  • Smoke only in designated areas. Dispose of cigarettes/cigars in ashtrays, NOT on grounds.
  • Cell phone use outside of the Sims & Fazio Club.
  • Pets allowed ONLY at Happy's Place.
  • Range balls, alignment sticks, and towels are provided for on-premise use. Please leave them where you found them.
  • Proper golf or casual wear attire is required.
  • Remove hats in the Sims Club.

Dress Code for Golf Course:
  • No jeans, denim, cargo shorts, t-shirts, tank tops, or midriffs.
  • Men's shirts must be tucked in at all times.
  • All headwear must be worn facing forward.

Any member found to be in violation of the Code of Conduct will be warned verbally upon first offense, be issues a written warning upon the second offense, & is subject to suspension at any time.


Membership Billing & Services

Monthly Statements are immediately posted on the "Statements" page under the "Member Central" tab online. They are also mailed out in the first week of every month with an end of month due date. A "Past Due" notice is automatically posted to the statement if payment is not received before the next billing.

Annual Dues are billed on October 31st & must be paid by November 30th to continue your membership. The dues fiscal year runs from December 1st through November 30th. Trail fees are billed November 30th and coincide with the fiscal year.

The Food & Beverage Minimum varies based on membership type. The Social Membership & Master Tennis Membership is $400, and all other membership types are $800. Tax and gratuity do NOT count toward the minimum. The food & beverage minimum must be used by November 30th each year. An outstanding balance may NOT be carried over to the next year. If a member does not satisfy the food & beverage minimum by November 30th, the balance will be billed to your membership account on November 30th.

In order to pursue consistent & accurate accounting practices, we ask that members sign for every transaction charged to their member account.


We apologize in advance if your information was published incorrectly. Please send all corrections & updates to Raquel Camacho at the following email address: